Engineering Concepts

Recent developments in horizontal drilling have been highly beneficial to the development of conventional resource reservoirs. The ability to enhance deliverability of fluids stored in the reservoirs by overcoming areas of low permeability has been essential. This technology has allowed for the development of larger spacing units—thus higher economic margins.

The concept of using offshore technology on an onshore application was behind New Dominion’s use of high volume electrical submersible pumps (ESPs) to pull fluids and gases from the reservoirs. This has been invaluable, as it has enabled the company to produce at rates nearing 20,000 barrels of fluid per day from a single well. New Dominion’s staff designs its pump program to maximize production of hydrocarbons through the phases of our specialized processes and enhanced recovery techniques, thus increasing profitability.

At the surface, a series of separators and other equipment designed by New Dominion take the produced fluids and gases and separate them into oil, gas, and water. The high BTU gas is sold at the wellhead to gas purchasers who incorporate cryo-technology to separate out the natural gas liquids from the gas. This adds value to the wet gas produced and sold at the wellhead. Oil is stored in onsite tanks and then delivered to local processors. The water is generally transported through a series of disposal pipelines to a network of saltwater disposal (SWD) wells. The water is then injected back into the ground. The state approved formation typically receiving the water is the Arbuckle.

As this type of production requires a series of mechanical processes to be maintained, New Dominion has associated itself with a series of highly respected companies to provide services to the support of this operation on a 24/7 basis.