Golden Lane

New Dominion’s Golden Lane Project is currently active in the northern part of what is historically termed “the Seminole Field area.” We operate approximately 100,000 acres in the project. This area lies 40 miles to the east of Oklahoma City and is underlain by numerous conventional resource reservoirs that have undergone compressional folding and faulting. The primary formation currently being produced is the Misener-Hunton (“Hunton”) formation. This formation is made up of a complex series of dolomite and limestone deposited in a discontinuous manner.

The time to drill these wells has typically been 10 to 30 percent faster than our competitors. Once producing, the water from these wells flows into a disposal system composed of more than 20 saltwater disposal wells that are interconnected via a closed system of pipelines and pumping stations. This allows for minimal downtime of production as a result of storms or other mechanical issues with a single disposal well. This also allows New Dominion to reduce production costs relative to other stand-alone systems of disposal.

Additional reservoirs and conventional production types have been identified in our areas of operation, and are currently set for development. The Golden Lane area boosts years of low-risk drilling and recompletion potential.