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New Dominion economically develops reserves while minimizing the time-cycle of identification to production, through technical evaluation, and then infrastructure and operational development of transition zones within conventional reservoirs.

We operate hundreds of oil and natural gas wells throughout central Oklahoma. The majority of our wells are producing from reservoirs with high water saturation, thus high amounts of saltwater are being produced along with hydrocarbons. To maintain a highly profitable product flow, we operate a substantial number of saltwater disposal wells along with more than 100 miles of saltwater flow lines in current and future project areas.

Our unconventional production techniques require different technology and expertise, both downhole and on the surface. In advance of drilling wells, we install the entire electrical, water, gas, and oil distribution and collection infrastructure. Through close relationships with electric cooperatives and regional utility providers, we have constructed nearly 100 megawatts of electrical service dedicated entirely to our use in our areas of operation. This is the median usage rate of the sixth largest city in the state.